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Our Choice

Setaccioro was born with the intent to bring back a tradition strongly rooted in our city. The decision to start a small workshop has allowed us to meticulously take care of the various stages of production. Love, passion, respect for the ancient artisanal techniques and the use of pure Italian hard wheat semolina are the perfect combination for a product of the highest quality.

Why Setaccioro?

Our name come from during a period of work break, a period in which, every day and we would write down  various useful ideas for our project on a notebook. We tried to draw on paper, thought and images in which we recognized ourselves united with the emotions they aroused.

SETACCIORO was born from this symbiosis.

The sieve*, made us relive the days of  elder and wiser people, which carefully selected each individual grain of wheat. We have reviewed their hands consumed by the work of the fields, by the harvesting and by the intertwining of the stalks of ears of corn.

Gold represents  the value of wheat that allowed our grandmothers to have a dish ready to return from the fields. Gold also symbolises the preciousness of the sun that with its heat allowed the pasta to dry on reeds placed on large loggias or simply in front of the entrances of the houses.

Along the same road, we want to preserve all the good of what was, with strong arms and humble heart, adding a touch of modernity through the use of machines that treat with wisdom and care the soul of the wheat.

*sieve is an a common tool  used  for particle size analysis of wheat flour in the grain industry